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ASCIA reaffirms its commitment to social development


The construction of the ‘Carrecastro’ wind farm (Tordesillas – Valladolid), which ASCIA has promoted, in collaboration with Falck Renewables, has enabled to develop an important archaeological campaign, with the purpose of analyzing the settlement of the Cogotas’ culture during the Bronze Age in the immediate area.

These studies represent a major progress in terms of archaeological research, and have made possible to learn a more detailed view of this culture’s from social and economic aspects, providing added value to the earned knowledge......

ASCIA connects the Carrecastro wind farm in Valladolid to the grid


ASCIA Renovables connects the Carrecastro wind farm to the grid and begins to inject electrical energy in December. The wind farm is allocated the auctioning rights tendered out by the Government in 2017 and, thanks to this milestone, the commissioning requirements have been met before the end of 2019.

Carrecastro wind farm consists of four turbines and a total power of 10 MW, which will generate up to 34 GWh of electricity each year and will be able to supply renewable energy to the grid equivalent to the consumption of 10,000 households per year......

New Electric Car Recharge Point


ASCIA is firmly committed to support in the transition to sustainable mobility systems, and in that direction, we have a new Charge Point in our “Olímpica” Gas station (calle Fraguas nº1, de Alcorcón (Madrid)).

Additionally, the gas station has a roof-top PV facility, which guarantees that the electricity you charge in your vehicle will have a 100% renewable origin.


Inauguration of the refurbishment of the OLÍMPICA service station Alcorcón.


ASCIA EAS inaugurated the cafeteria / restaurant opening of our Olímpica service station located in Calle Fraguas nº1, in Alcorcón (Madrid).
Ascia keeps on innovating and expanding the facilities by adapting the stations with the aim of offering customers the greatest possible number of services, such as recharging points for electric cars, washing and vacuum cleaning areas with new state-of-the-art machinery......