Service stations and areas.
Business lines

Our main lines of business are:


Our products are of the highest quality, which guarantees optimal consumption for the vehicle, reducing maintenance costs and lengthening its life.


Wide variety of vehicle maintenance products, as well as newspapers, magazines and basic food products, at very competitive prices.

Cafeteria and restaurants

Interesting and delicious choice in each service station for breakfast and lunch in a pleasant atmosphere. In our kitchens quality products are used at an affordable price. Wifi is provided for our customers.

Vehicle washing

We have a vehicle wash area for your car, van, truck or motorcycle. You can use our self-service boxes with hot water and rinse with osmotized water. We have high quality automatic washing machines with pre-wash option to ensure an excellent finish for your vehicle.

Vacuum cleaning area

Vacuum cleaning area for the final check and care of the interior of the vehicle. All this with products of the highest quality that guarantee the care of your vehicle.


AddBlue, Electric recharging.

Solidity and solvency >>

With the assistance of Ascia Ingeniería (an owner’s engineering service firm), we have our own means of design and engineering.
Thanks to complementing our service offering through a detailed segmentation of demand, and through the achievement of customer selection and loyalty, we have reached our objectives despite the consumer crisis of the years 2011-2016:
  • We avoided a fall in fuel sales despite reduced consumption and a large increase in the number of competitors.
  • Reduced exposure to the competition’s very aggressive pricing through expanding the products and services we offer and deepening the loyalty of our customers.
  • Containment of operating expenses and process optimization with strong investment in IT