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Ascia Service stations

Incorporated in 1988 as "Urbanismo y Contratas, SA", and in 2012 renamed as Ascia EAS, SA, its main activity is the development and operation of service stations and areas, currently managing 11 throughout the peninsula and providing the financial support for the rest of the Ascia Group. Our main objective is the loyalty of our customers with a quality service, offered in facilities with a wide range of services. 
Thanks to Grupo Ascia's experience in operating convenience areas and with the advantage of a design and engineering company in the group, our stations benefit from permanent updating and renovation of their facilities and with the design aimed at combining the best and most complete commercial offering with the lowest possible environmental impact. Our success in the service station sector is based on creativity and permanent innovation.


We operate throughout Spain, we adapt to our environment
Our success in the service station sector is based on creativity and permanent innovation.

What makes us different?

• Advantages of belonging to an engineering and energy group
• Own development engineering
• Own design in search of optimization of CAPEX and OPEX
• Ability to adapt our equipment to those of our project partners
Geographical: Presence in main spanish markets
Historical: Present in the service station market since 1989. This has allowed us to adapt to the evolution of legislative, technical, security, demands etc…
Detailed knowledge of our facilities: We have developed all the stations that we operate
Variety: Stations in urban areas, highways and industrial estates
• Conceptual design engineering capabilities
• Project and construction management capabilities
• SVP and park operation capacity (AM)
• Principle of active management of the costs and deadlines of all our projects
• Evolution of the contribution (EBITDA) 1995-2017
• Total number of employees 1995-2017
Wide variety of fuels available, catering, convenience store, washing and in-vehicle entertainment.
Service attended with wide opening hours
Quality of products guaranteed by top level brands (BP, SHELL, REPSOL)
Varied energies available
Own electric consumption

We are committed
to clean energies

At Grupo ASCIA we are committed to renewable energies as drivers of change for a future without environmental impact. That is why we are investing in installing photovoltaic panels on the canopies of our service stations.