Development and compromise

We share risks and success

Ascia develops and invests in an early stage of the wind farm and solar park. Later we invite investors to join the SPV (Special Purpose Vehicle).

Ascia offers the complete package of development of a wind farm and solar park as listed below, everything based on detailled pre-analysis of the investment costs and production. We offer our service as well to third parties: • We identify the optimum location for the wind farm or solar park • Ascia designs the wind farms and solar parks inhouse • We also contract the equipment and supervise the works • Ascia stays in the operation if desired and controls the Assets and O&M

Our Spanish gas stations are the base of our expansion

Map of our assets in the whole of Spain

The 11 gas stations were developed and built by Ascia in the Nineties when the gas and fuel market was liberalized. That was alrady 25 years ago. We work in the same way in the renewables sector, where we started developing from the scratch as soon as the electricity sector was liberalized. Now we are trying to repeat our success in Mexico, where the market just has started to be opened for private investors. Have a look at our asset map.

Fly high with renewables

We believe in sun and wind energy

Our activities are concentrated on solar and wind energy projects, not just on development issues, but also on financial instruments that are necessary to realize the projects. There we are looking for financial partners to set up an investment company solely focused on Mexico's energy market.

Eco-Gas Stations

We are pioneers, that is why we believe that filling stations in the future will be very different to the ones we are used to now. They will be places to charge our cars with all kind of energy. In our case we want to develop green gas stations that are also run with renewable energy..